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Congratulations on taking this step and giving your baby the best gift in life – the gift of health. As prospective parents, this is one of the most important decisions in your life. Planning your pregnancy in full knowledge of your risks allows you to make whatever is the right decision for you ahead of time.

What does the fee include?

The fee for SureMart includes:

  • A kit sent to your home address so that you can both provide us with a saliva sample. We will use this to extract your DNA.
  • Sequencing your DNA. We sequence the Whole Exome (=the coding part of your DNA which accounts for over 98% of all genetic diseases) from both your samples.
  • Analysis and interpretation of your DNA sequence by our expert clinical scientists. We screen your DNA for over 5,000 genetic disorders.
  • A personalised report detailing those, and only those, genetic variants that place you, as a couple, at risk of having a child with a genetic disease.
  • A 1-hour one-to-one consultation session with our Genetic counsellor, conducted over Zoom, to go through with you what your results mean and what steps you can take to prevent the birth of a sick child.
  • Ongoing online support with any questions you may have

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SureMart Price: £2497.00